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Learning Facilities


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There are six indoor, purpose-built interactive zones for young visitors at NMoQ. Students can get ‘hands-on’ with a variety of topics such as animals and their habitats, uncovering ancient objects, exploring life on board a pearling dhow and contributing ideas on preserving our environment.

During the winter months, there are also a range of outdoor play areas to explore. The museum has three ‘break-out’ spaces located within the galleries, where teachers can gather their students to reflect upon what they have seen and done.

There are also two creative studio spaces where art-based workshops are carried out with school groups.

The museum has a 220-seat auditorium which is ideal for school plays and educational conferences. Books and online material relating to the displays at the museum can be browsed within the NMoQ Library.


NMoQ has a specially dedicated shop for children packed with imaginative, creative and fun items.

Be sure to stop by at the end of your visit with your class so that students can take something home to remember their visit to the museum.


Big adventures bring on big appetites. Schools can avail themselves of the ‘NMoQ Lunch Pack’ for students. Orders must be made three days in advance of your visit.

Full details and prices can be supplied on request.