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The Unique Design of the National Museum: A bridge between the past and future of Qatari Architecture (Culture Pass Members) 

Live Virtual Tour (Arabic) 

Wednesday, 2nd of June,11am-12:00pm 

The design of NMoQ reflects the cultural identity of Qatari nation, where the iconic "desert rose" building links the desert and the sea.  

Experience the rich Qatari architecture through traditional elements, structures and Islamic features blended with modern designs.   

This special tour will provide you behind the scenes access to NMoQ Baraha, the organic architecture of the gift shop and the Old Palace, at the heart of NMoQ.  

Contact for booking and more Information. 

NMOQ Building


Pandemics and Biodiversity (General Public) 

Webinar via Zoom (English, Arabic Translation) 

Saturday, 5th June 6:30-8:00pm  


Dr Radhouane Ben-Hamadou, Biodiversity; what is it?  Why is it important? Loss and threats 

Dr. Sergio Grovella; The relation between pandemic and nature 

In celebration of World Environment Day, and in light of the current covid-19 pandemic, join our interactive webinar to explore how humans are now interacting with nature and the relation between biodiversity and the pandemic. 

Contact for booking and more Information. 

Pandemics and Biodiversity


Paper Conservation (General Public) 

Talk via zoom (English)  

Tuesday, 15th June, 6:00-7:00 pm 

What do you know about preserving and restoring papers?   

Join us this special session in which one of the museum's conservation experts talks about the history of paper (papyrus, parchment, etc.).  

Join this talk and explore where it came from, how it was made and used, how it was damaged, the methods used to preserve and restore it. 

Contact for booking and more Information. 

Paper Conservation


Biodiversity of Qatar & Conservation of its Natural Resources (General Public) 

Virtual Tour via zoom (Arabic and English) 

Thursdays, 17th and 24th of June: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (English)  

Tuesdays, 22nd and 29th of June: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Arabic)  

Join this special virtual journey of Qatar’s rich biodiversity, wildlife and natural habitats such as mangroves and corals.  

Explore the natural history, the importance of conserving the natural resources, and Qatar’s sustainability efforts and initiatives in celebration of World Environment Day. 

Contact for booking and more Information. 

Biodiversity of Qatar & Conservation of its Natural Resources


Book of the Month 

Ecotourism in the State of Qatar, by Ahmed Hussain al Mutoa, 2019 

What do you know about ecotourism? 

Our Book of the Month deals with the concept of ecotourism and its development in Qatar. The book’s pages illustrate historical and geographical information on the tourist attractions and archaeological sites in the country.  

It also features a wonderful collection of pictures that show a variety of types of tourism in Qatar including sports tourism, which is one of the most important strategies of the tourism system in the country. 

To read this book and discover more about tourist places in Qatar, we invite you to visit the Mohammed Jassim Al-Khulaifi library in the National Museum of Qatar. 

For Inquiries please contact 

Book of the month


Sea grass tales, Dugong trails’ Programs

A Deep Dive into Dugongs 

Program Type: Public Lecture 

Date: Thursday 24th June 2021  

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm  

Language: Arabic with English Translation 

Speaker: Dr. Mehsin Alyafie   

Booking and Inquiries: 

Join this special lecture that sheds light on dugongs, their ancestry, habits, habitat, and the threats they face, in addition to the methods that researchers follow in studying this animal in Qatar and the measures they are taking to protect and preserve the dugong and its habitat. 

A Deep Dive into Dugongs

Curator-led Exhibition Tours Sea grass Tales, Dugong Trails 

Date: Wednesday 30th June  

Time:  5:00-6:00 pm  

Language: English + Arabic  

Speaker: Bouthayna Baltaji; head of NMoQ Exhibition  

Booking and Inquiries: 

Join us for a curator-led tour of Sea grass tales, Dugong trails, an exhibition that sheds light on dugongs, their ancestry, habits, habitat, the threats they are facing and how we can protect them from extinction through the lens of science. 

Curator-led Exhibition Tours