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Hajj from Qatar in the past 

Programme Type: Webinar via Zoom  

Language: Arabic  

Target Audience: General public  

Date: Thursday, 15th July   

Time: 6:30-7:30pm 

Speaker: Mohammed Hamam Fekry (Heritage and Rare Books Advisor) 

Booking and Inquiries:

In accordance with the Hajj season, join this interactive webinar and discover 

how the Hajj journey was performed in the past, and what the preparations, customs and traditions associated with it are. 

Participants will explore the routes taken from Qatar to Mecca, the hardships and obstacles that pilgrims had to face in various stages of their journey, and the ceremonies and rituals that took place upon their return. 

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Islam’s Influence on Qatar Cultural Heritage 

Programme Type: Live Virtual Tour  

Language: Arabic and English 

Target Audience: General Public (Adults) 

Date:  Tuesday, 27th of July (English) 

Thursday, 29th of July (Arabic) 

Time:  12:00 – 1:00 PM 

Booking and Inquiries:  

Join this virtual journey which focuses on the arrival of Islam to Qatar and its influence on the Qatari cultural heritage.  

This  influence appears  in many social practices, customs and traditions that are passed down through generations, and has a great impact on traditional architecture.  

Participants will learn about the routes, necessary preparations, the duration of the pilgrimage journey (Hajj) and the celebrations after they return.

Islam Heritage


Seagrass tales, Dugong trails’ Programmes

Adaptability in Marine Ecosystems  

Programme Type: Webinar via Zoom 

Date: Monday 12th July  

Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm  

Language: English with Arabic translation  


1. Radhouane Ben-Hamadou, Associate Professor  

2. Carlos M. Duart, Assistant Research Professor,  

3. Catherine Reeves, Senior Environment Engineer 

Booking and inquiries: 

This interactive webinar explores the diverse nature of the waters in Qatar, the effect of environmental changes and challenges on marine life, and how marine life adapts and responds to these changes.

Adapatbility in marine ecosysytem